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Police Chiefs’ Association
of Bucks County

BCCP-LOGO-xparentThe Police Chiefs’ Association of Bucks County was organized in 1952.  The Association’s goal was to foster and facilitate cooperation, partnerships, and professionalism among the law enforcement executives and agencies throughout Bucks County and their professional peers throughout the State of Pennsylvania.  The Association has promoted progressive policing philosophies and professional standards designed to prevent and detect criminal activity and the identification, apprehension, and treatment of offenders in order to better serve and protect the citizenry of Bucks County.

In order to meet these goals, the Association sponsors training for both police executives and law enforcement personnel of all ranks.

The Association conducts fundraising events throughout the year to support its mission, including fundraising by professional telemarketing firms.

Although our neighborhoods and technology have changed dramatically since the Association’s foundation, its commitment to our members, community, and goals have remained steadfast.

The Association would like to thank the residents and corporate supporters for their continued patronage.  That support enables the Association to continue its mission and provide high quality training and educational opportunities to the current and future law enforcement leaders of Bucks County.

Michael V. Cummings

Michael V. Cummings

Chief of Police of New Hope Borough Police Department, and President of the Police Chiefs' Association of Bucks County

Michael V. Cummings of the New Hope Borough Police Department currently serves as the President of the Police Chiefs’ Association of Bucks County.

Cummings follows in the footsteps of a long line of law enforcement leaders at the helm of this organization. (See the full list of past presidents here.)

Testing of Police Candidates

The testing will take place April 23, 2022. Applications are due no later than April 18, 2021.





Michael V. Cummings

Chief of Police, New Hope Borough Police Department


Daniel J. Friel

Chief of Police, Warrington Township Police Department


Joseph C. Bartorilla

Chief of Police, Middletown Township Police Department


Mark F. Schmidt

Chief of Police, Upper Makefield Township Police Department


Steven P. Daniels

Chief of Police (Ret.), Buckingham Township Police Department


Richard J. Ficco

Chief of Police, Richland Township Police Department


Steven Mawhinney

Chief Ranger, Bucks County Rangers


Richard Hale Pratt, Esquire

Some of Our Current Initiatives

Narrow-Banding Project

We are an integral part of the communications advisory board, in response to the FCC mandate, working to ensure that all officers have a stable platform from which to broadcast, with no dead spots in county coverage.

Fighting Domestic Abuse

We spearheaded a records management sharing project, working with the Network Against Domestic Abuse. We successfully obtained several grants to facilitate that effort.

DNA Project

Details to come….